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What is Tummy tots?

Tummy Tots is a sensory play group specifically designed to encourage tummy time for babies. Tummy time is so important for babies but it is often not enjoyed by them or understood why/how to do it by parents, so we are here to help!

Nikki is the only qualified Tummy time practitioner in Solihull/Birmingham. Classes are tailored to the needs of babies 1-3 months and 4 months old to pre crawling and offer a multi-sensory experience.

Classes are expertly created playful spaces for babies and their carers to experience the power of play whilst empowering parents to bring play into the home environment. 

Each session will cover different positions and activities for tummy time play, which are all Paediatric Occupational Therapy approved and designed to promote sensory processing and encourage brain development.

For more information on classes and the benefits of Tummy time visit our instagram page @tummy_tots_solihull

Tummy Tots: About
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